Green Room Nominations

If Theatre's The Cove directed by Matt Scholten has received three Green Room Award nominations: the most acting nominations in our category. Congratulations to Jan Friedl, Bruce Myles and Majid Shokor for their nominations. Green Room Website





Week 4 Final Week of The Cove

Week 4 of The Cove and we have a rare comic offering frm Daniel The Morning After featuring Bruce Myles, Jan Friedl and Matthew Molony and a final solo piece from Majid Shokor The First Train.

We look forward to seeing you at our final week at The Dog Theatre.

Thanks to all who have supported the season.

And to Andrew at Neadellus for his blog discussion and review of the work: http://neandellus.wordpress.com/2009/08/05/theater-the-cove/


Week 3

At the halfway mark we say goodbye to Somewhere in the Middle of the Night and To Whom It May Concern and to actor Danielle Carter who has done her job and off to other theatrical worlds at the Malthouse. Thanks DC! This week (tomorrow night in fact) we premiere A Death (the most controversial and divisive piece in the season: come and see it for yourself) and revive A Glass of Twilight, both of which feature Mr. Harli Ammes, match-fit after a week off teamed with Jan Field in A Death and Bruce Myles in A Glass of Twilight. Hope to see you at The Dog for another week of our keen Keene-fest!

Some other mentions, reviews etc of the season:


Week 2

We have had a great opening week, excellent responses and reviews. Thank you to everyone who has seen the work so far. Cafe Table and Two Shanks have had their performances and this week we have the premiere of Somewhere in the Middle of The Night featuring Danielle Carter and Jan Friedl and the revival of To Whom it May Concern featuring Bruce Myles and Matthew Molony in season. Shows are Wednesday 6:30pm, Thursday-Sunday 8pm and Saturday and Sunday 2pm: seven opportunities to see the second week shows of The Cove.



Reviews & Press

Martin Ball, The Age
Liza Power, The Age
ABC TV Sunday Arts Show

"Meanwhile, permit me a moment's indulgence. Over a particularly demanding weekend, I attended five of the eight Daniel Keene chamber plays now in repertory at the Dog Theatre in Footscray. I'm not reviewing this season, collectively called The Cove, but I believe it deserves attention. To be honest, I told Matt Scholten he was bonkers for trying to direct so many: these plays might look simple, but they are far from straightforward - in many ways, they are as unforgiving as Beckett - and they're very easy to get wrong. He and his team pull off a mighty feat, and give this work an elegant framing of enormous delicacy that shows off some remarkably powerful performances - especially Jan Friedl and Bruce Myles, who are as good as I've ever seen them, and Majid Shokor, who is simply astounding. It's a rare chance to see why those Europeans are so enthusiastic about Keene." Alison Croggon, Theatrenotes 21/07/09


And...we're off!

The Cove opens this weekend and then goes into a four week season at The Dog Theatre.

Our friend Lok Tan has created some stunning music for the season and a special CD will be on sale at the shows that features him performing his musical response to all eight plays. Satie meets electronica...a great companion work for our season.

Watch Daniel interviewed about his work and The Cove and also excerpts of some of the plays on ABC TV's Sunday Arts this weekend: details here


The Cove cast above clockwise from centre: Majid Shokor, Bruce Myles, Jan Friedl, Danielle Carter, Matthew Molony & Harli Ammes.


Tickets Now on Sale

Tickets for The Cove are now on sale and can be purchased at:
You can buy single tickets or a discounted season ticket to see all of the plays during the four week season.
A small number of tickets can also be purchased at the door but we strongly recommend you purchase or book in advance.
Check out all the dates and information on this blog.
We look forward to seeing you at The Cove


News #1

We are at mid-point in rehearsal and have now moved into our performance space at The Dog Theatre.

Be sure to watch ABC TV's Sunday Arts on July 19th to see an interview with Daniel Keene about his work and The Cove season.

Tickets will be on sale soon via easytix


Majid Shokor profiled on BBC World Service's Outlook Programme

Actor Majid Shokor and Director Matt Scholten were recently interviewed by the BBC World Service's Sharon Mascall for the Outlook programme. Sharon has put together a piece on Majid's life and career and came to a rehearsal for The Cove to watch Majid work, interview him and Matt. The programme will be broadcast on Thursday July 2nd.

On that date, you can listen to it online here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/programmes/2009/03/000000_outlook.shtml

More on Majid's career can be found here:


Daniel Keene wins NSW Premier's Literary Award

Daniel has been announced as the winner of the 2009 NSW Premier's Literary Award in the Play category for The Serpent's Teeth which was performed at the STC in 2008. More details at theatrenotes as well as at the official site. Congratulations Daniel from us all!
More details on the play here.
And the STC's archive information here
You can buy the play here at Currency Press and read an extract here


The Cove

If Theatre Presents
The Cove 8 Short Works by Daniel Keene
Directed by Matt Scholten

Featuring Harli Ammes, Danielle Carter, Jan Friedl, Matthew Molony, Bruce Myles and Majid Shokor Set Design by Kat Chan Costume Design by Katherine Branch Lighting Design by Lisa Mibus Sound Design & Composition by Loki Tan & Geoff Chan Stage Manager Rosie Collins
Producing Partner Peta Hanrahan/The Dog Theatre

Four world premieres and four revivals of the work of acclaimed and award-winning playwright Daniel Keene presented in a four week season at one of Melbourne’s newest theatre spaces.

World Premieres
Cafe Table, Somewhere in the Middle of The Night, A Death and The Morning After
Two Shanks, To Whom it May Concern, A Glass of Twilight and The First Train

The Dog Theatre 42A Albert Street Footscray

If you are interested in attending the opening weekend along with the creative team and playwright please e-mail your details: audience numbers are limited.

All other tickets visit: http://www.easytix.com.au/default.asp


Wednesdays 6:30 pm
Thursdays-Sundays 8:00pm
Saturdays and Sundays 2:00pm matinees
No shows Mondays or Tuesdays

Café Table:
Majid Shokor & Harli Ammes, Bruce Myles & Jan Friedl, Matthew Molony & Danielle Carter
Two Shanks: Majid Shokor

Somewhere in The Middle of the Night: Danielle Carter & Jan Friedl
To Whom it May Concern: Bruce Myles & Matthew Molony

A Death: Jan Friedl & Harli Ammes
A Glass of Twilight: Bruce Myles & Harli Ammes

The Morning After: Matthew Molony, Bruce Myles & Jan Friedl
The First Train: Majid Shokor

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.


About the Plays

A short synopsis of each play:

Week 1
Café Table: Three short duets set at a café table: Armir and Luzak are refugees debating their struggles for a "new life", Paul and Simone are lonely old friends meeting for the first time in years and Stell and Andrew, a divorced couple, meet to discuss the changes in both their lives and the lives of their two children. In three separate moments, secrets, desires and fears are revealed and the past's influence and events need to be put in perspective over the simple, social, everyday act of drinking coffee and sitting opposite a friend or foe. Performed by the whole ensemble: Harli Ammes, Danielle Carter, Jan Friedl, Matthew Molony, Bruce Myles and Majid Shokor
Performed with
Two Shanks: A soliloquy in which a homeless man searching for food in a laneway bin finds a dead infant and decides to give the child the only funeral the man can afford. Performed by Majid Shokor

Week 2
Somewhere in the Middle of the Night:
Sylvie is patiently trying to take her mother, Agnes, home to live with her in the country: Agnes is trying desperately to hold on to her home, her memories and her mind. The time has come for the roles to be reversed, and neither mother nor daughter are quite prepared for what this means. Performed by Jan Friedl and Danielle Carter
Performed with:
To Whom It May Concern: A father, quickly and painfully dying of cancer searches for a way to get the world to take care of his child-like forty year old son. A play born out of silence and presenting the incredible lengths one will go to to protect the ones we love and care for. Performed by Bruce Myles and Matthew Molony

Week 3
A Death: In a world where the food has disappeared and the birds have flown away, a mother and son wait in a kitchen for their long estranged daughter and sister whom they have been told by a stranger is coming home to save them. A heartbreaking, arresting work haunted by the ghost of Samuel Beckett. Performed by Jan Friedl and Harli Ammes.
Performed with:
A Glass of Twilight: Two very different men meet in a bar and form an unexpected physical and emotional relationship. A business transaction based on the physical quietly blossoms into an emotional gesture. Performed by Bruce Myles and Harli Ammes

Week 4
The Morning After:
A study of family roles and responsibilities and what it means to rely on someone emotionally and financially: no villains, no heroes just fathers and sons and husbands and wives living and breathing the same air. Performed by Bruce Myles, Jan Friedl and Matthew Molony
Performed with:
The First Train: A cobbler tells a story of childhood about a mother's sacrifice whilst tirelessly cleaning and repairing a mound of children's shows. Performed by Majid Shokor


Daniel Keene Biography

Daniel Keene has written for the theatre since 1979. He has won the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Drama twice, the NSW Premier’s Literary Award for Drama three times, the South Australian Literary Award for Drama, the Wal Cherry Play of the Year Award and the Sumner Locke Elliot Prize (New York). He has also been awarded, with Ariette Taylor, the Kenneth Myer Medallion for the Performing Arts for his work with the Keene/Taylor Theatre Project. His work has been presented at the Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide International Arts Festivals. Since 2000 over 75 productions of his work have been presented in Europe, predominately in France (including at the Avignon Festival, the Theatre de la Commune in Paris, the National Theatre of Toulouse and at The Theatre de la Ville in Paris) but also in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Belgium. His work has also been produced in the United States, Canada, Morocco and China. Seven volumes of his work (French translations by Severine Magois) have been published by éditions Theatrales, Paris. He recently completed a new work, ELEPHANT PEOPLE, for the French director Renaud Cojo, which opened at the National Theatre of Bordeaux in October 2007, and is currently touring nationally. A production of his play FIVE MEN opened in Neuchatel, Switzerland, on November 21, 2006, before touring to Genève, Lausanne and Lyon, France. The production’s return season opens on April 25, 2008 at Theatre de la Tempête in Paris. In March 2007, five of his short plays were presented at Theatre d’Utopie in La Rochelle, France. Also in March, his play THE NIGHTWATCHMAN opened at The Griffin Theatre in Sydney. In April, 2007, his play SCISSORS, PAPER, ROCK opened at the Almada theatre in Lisbon, Portugal. After its September 2007 season in Montreal, Canada, his play HALF AND HALF will open at The Theatre de La Ville in Paris on May 15, 2008 before touring nationally.
Daniel’s new play, THE SERPENT’S TEETH, commissioned by the Sydney Theatre Company, opened at The Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House, in April 2008.
Three of his screenplays have been produced: SILENT PARTNER, TOM WHITE and EM 4 JAY. TOM WHITE won the Australian Critics Circle Award for Best Screenplay in 2004.
Several of his plays have been produced on ABC Radio National, and in France on Radio France Culture, the most recent, SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT was broadcast in France on September 25, 2007.