About the Plays

A short synopsis of each play:

Week 1
Café Table: Three short duets set at a café table: Armir and Luzak are refugees debating their struggles for a "new life", Paul and Simone are lonely old friends meeting for the first time in years and Stell and Andrew, a divorced couple, meet to discuss the changes in both their lives and the lives of their two children. In three separate moments, secrets, desires and fears are revealed and the past's influence and events need to be put in perspective over the simple, social, everyday act of drinking coffee and sitting opposite a friend or foe. Performed by the whole ensemble: Harli Ammes, Danielle Carter, Jan Friedl, Matthew Molony, Bruce Myles and Majid Shokor
Performed with
Two Shanks: A soliloquy in which a homeless man searching for food in a laneway bin finds a dead infant and decides to give the child the only funeral the man can afford. Performed by Majid Shokor

Week 2
Somewhere in the Middle of the Night:
Sylvie is patiently trying to take her mother, Agnes, home to live with her in the country: Agnes is trying desperately to hold on to her home, her memories and her mind. The time has come for the roles to be reversed, and neither mother nor daughter are quite prepared for what this means. Performed by Jan Friedl and Danielle Carter
Performed with:
To Whom It May Concern: A father, quickly and painfully dying of cancer searches for a way to get the world to take care of his child-like forty year old son. A play born out of silence and presenting the incredible lengths one will go to to protect the ones we love and care for. Performed by Bruce Myles and Matthew Molony

Week 3
A Death: In a world where the food has disappeared and the birds have flown away, a mother and son wait in a kitchen for their long estranged daughter and sister whom they have been told by a stranger is coming home to save them. A heartbreaking, arresting work haunted by the ghost of Samuel Beckett. Performed by Jan Friedl and Harli Ammes.
Performed with:
A Glass of Twilight: Two very different men meet in a bar and form an unexpected physical and emotional relationship. A business transaction based on the physical quietly blossoms into an emotional gesture. Performed by Bruce Myles and Harli Ammes

Week 4
The Morning After:
A study of family roles and responsibilities and what it means to rely on someone emotionally and financially: no villains, no heroes just fathers and sons and husbands and wives living and breathing the same air. Performed by Bruce Myles, Jan Friedl and Matthew Molony
Performed with:
The First Train: A cobbler tells a story of childhood about a mother's sacrifice whilst tirelessly cleaning and repairing a mound of children's shows. Performed by Majid Shokor

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